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A Deeper Awareness and Understanding

This page is dedicated to the sharing of a deeper level of awareness and understanding of, not only what reconnective healing is about but, a little of what our true nature is and a glimpse of the "bigger" picture of existence at the level of our current awareness.  Each person will have their own perception, awareness, understanding and belief of what "reality" is. Each person has the perception of their own individual spiritual and physical journey, even though we are all connected and are part of the one - just as our little toe has its own purpose and perception of place and reality, it is still part of and communicates with a larger body. My intention is not to "convince" you of any point of view but to merely share with you some insights, knowledge and understanding, which we have acquired over many years of seeking and experience.
We are all truly beings of light. It is hard to put into words what "light" is but you can think of it as energy and information existing in the form of waves and frequencies which is "multi or inter-dimensional" in nature.  Not only are we humans made up of light but everything that we consider as matter is also of the same "light" essence.  Matter is energy vibrating at various frequencies (at the quantum physics level of reality), which provides us with the illusion of solid substance.  This perspective is growing in acceptance as our understanding of science at the quantum level increases. If you are like me (a "left brainer" who relies on hard and valid scientific fact and less on "feeling") this information and these concepts will take time to sink in.  As time goes on, I am allowing myself to benefit from a more balance point of view and to be more aware of my instinct, intuition and feelings.  My various personal experiences and education have taught me that "science" has a great purpose and is very useful but due to its current limitations we need to be more open minded to have any hope of developing a great awareness and understanding of our existence. Just because we can not sense, see or feel something, does not mean it does not exist or does not affect us. Just think of radio waves, cell phone signals, x-rays, etc. It is hard to get our "heads" around at times but this is one of the major paradigm shifts in human consciousness that is needed and is occurring.  
Tremendous changes in physical reality can occur when we start to become aware of and accept this concept.  The phrase "I think, therefore I am."  takes on a whole new meaning and relevancy when you realize that our physical realities (our "solid matter") are caused by interactions of various "intentions" and thought patterns, including our own primarily.  People have been trying to get the message out for years.  Books such as "The Power of Positive Thinking", "The Secret", to name only a couple, have illustrated this concept and attempted to help people utilize the power of thought and intention, which is energy after all. Now there is good science providing us "left brainers" with  knowledge that we can feel comfortable with and accept, allowing us to shift our awareness and perceptions as we start to alter our previous "programming".
In this current lifetime and existence, we are "spiritual beings having a temporary physical (human) experience, NOT physical beings having a temporary spiritual experience". The concept of Spiritual beings is hard for many of us to grasp with our present perspective.  However, you can think of spiritual beings as energy, light and information, which are multidimensional, or more correctly "inter-dimensional" in nature. We span various dimensions yet our human consciousness or awareness is focused on this reality.
We (our energies) are all connected and of the same source.  Truly, "we are all one."  Our individual perceptions (consciousnesses) are just different notes in a much larger song.  We each vibrate at various frequencies (sounds). The song can be beautifully melodic, harmonic and inspirational or it can be chaotic, uninspirational and full of dischord, but it is still part of the greater symphony. Even if we do not realize that we are part of the music, we still affect the entire song.
Our intentions are absolutely key to our reality. be continued........
This page will be updated on an ongoing basis, check back often.
We can now have true balance and healing through reconnection to the timeless but newly accessible healing frequencies of light and information.   For information see also: The Reconnection - Dr. Eric Pearl
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